Dialog Plus Evolution

The Dialog+ is a Hemodialysis Delivery System Machine suitable for hospital hemodialysis and also for dialysis centers. It can use and store different profiles for many parameters such as: UF,  sodium, bicarbonate, heparin, dialysate flow, and temperature. Treatment can be performed with bicarbonate or acetate concentrate supplied from a canister or from central supply. A bicarbonate cartridge can be used as well.

Recommended safe distances in meter (m) between portable or mobile HF telecommunication
devices and the Dialog
dialysis machine
The dialysis machine Dialog
is intended for use in ambient conditions with controlled HighFrequency
disturbance variables. The user can avoid electromagnetic disturbances by keeping
the distance between Dialog
and HF-telecommunication devices, following the values in the
table below, in dependency to the output power of those devices.
Nominal output P of
Safe distance (d) depending on transmitting frequency
150 kHz to 80 MHz
d = 1.2
80 MHz to 800 MHz
d = 1.2
800 MHz to 2,5 GHz
d = 2.33
0.12 0.12 0.23
0.38 0.38 0.73
1.20 1.20 2.30
3.80 3.80 7.30
12 12 23
For transmitters with other output power ratings, the recommended safety distance (m)
can be calculated with the above formulas. Heed the max. power rating (W), in
accordance with the manufacturer’s information, and using the correct formula from
Remark1: For 80 MHz and 800 MHz use the higher frequency range.
Remark 2: This guideline may be not practical in some cases. The propagation of
electromagnetic forces will be influenced by adsorption and reflexion of the building,
equipment and humans.
Find more information about EMC, radio disturbance and IEC 60601-1-2 in the service
manual, chapter 8.